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I have fibromyalgia but want to have a baby.What muscle relaxants are safe to use during entire pregnancy?

The only treatment I discovered that almost eliminates my pain is by taking 60 mg of Baclofen a day.I feel well enough to get pregnant.I strongly feel I must have a similar medicine to cope during my pregnancy,and I urgently need to know if there is a safe alternative muscle relaxant that is comprable to Baclofen.Thank you.I also take 300mg Wellbutrin,150 mg Ultram and Klonopin 20mg at night.The Baclofen I strongly feel is the best treatment.Thank you

There is a wonderful website for medicines while pregnant it is: I always found this helpful as it states the class of the medicine and what affects if any it has on the unborn child.

I know that Cyclobenzaprine (Flexeral) is fairly ok for pregnancy as it is a class B, which shows no harm to the fetus. I do not have your condition but I have had to take some here and there for back problems and so far so good I have not had any problems with my pregnancy so far.

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